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  • Fiberglass pools are one of the most popular family pools. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, they are very durable, elegant and well equipped.
    The advantages of these pools are a monolithic design, an integrated staircase and a wide choice of colors that every client will definitely like.

    The advantages of the pool:
    Monolithic design
    Robust construction
    Built-in staircase
    High quality surface and heat insulation
    Easy installation

    The surface of the pool is covered with a special paint, which provides protection from ultraviolet rays, chemicals for the pool and gives the pool an elegant look.

    The outer part of the pool is covered with polyurethane foam, which provides excellent thermal insulation.

    Color swatches

           Mid Blue    Bermuda Blue    Sand


            Aqua Jade     Red Oxide     Emerald Green    White