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Galvanized steel panel swimming pools



Panel pools made of galvanized steel manufactured in industrial production.
Galvanized steel panels are the main structural part of the pool, which does not require the support of masonry or concreting.
The pool is covered with a special membrane that is protected from UV radiation.
Pools are designed for indoor and outdoor use, as well as fully or partially grounded.
The pool can be equipped with all additional equipment (counterflow, cascade, various massage equipment).
This type of pool design can also be implemented with a water overflow system.

Swimming pool 3m x 6m x 1.5m - EUR 3841.75
Swimming pool 3.5m x 7m x 1.5m - EUR 4272.88
Swimming pool 4m x 8m x 1.5m - EUR 4823.54

The kit includes a pool: galvanized 2 mm steel structure (15 years warranty), a special film for the pool, a circulation pump, a lamp for lighting the pool, a quartz sand filter, a ladder, a pool cleaning kit, skimmers, nozzles, drains, a set of pipes to connect filtering systems to 5 m from the pool.


3 841.75 euros